Italy (Part 1)

The Leaning Tower
The Leaning Tower

5 reasons why the 8 days trip to Italy was the best so far:

  1. The weather- you know how weather in the UK especially Newcastle can be a bit crazy (-1 at night in the middle of March). In Italy, it was so much warmer, we didn’t even have to wear our down.
  2. The food- They have the most delicious pasta GELATO evaaaaaaaaaaa and I am so gonna write a different blog post just for food we ate there hehe. Well, just in case any of you are looking for the best gelato in town 😀
  3. Shopping- Amal introduced us to this one very nice, easy-to-wear shawl from Florence and so we went to the Central Market and went crazy over shawl (you know girls). Florence also produced lots of pretty leather products (bags and jacket).
  4. Euro value- we got the best exchange rates for buying euros (at that point of time: 1.36). So, yeah, more money, more food, more things to buy 😀
  5. Holiday buddies- The success of a trip really depends on your holiday buddies. So, I was lucky I went with mel and dona because we all love to do the same thing.

I am excited to write more but its pass my sleeping time so ciao!


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