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Living below the line

For some of you who don’t know, living below the line is a challenge to live with £1 a day (usually for 5 days). It’s almost like fasting where you are supposed to think about those who are more unfortunate than you and the extra money you have for the week should be donated to the charity.  So, mel and I decided to give it a try this week. We draw a £5 note each from our bank account and head towards Tesco to get some basic food stock like bread, milk, eggs (we shared a box of 10 so that we just have to pay £0.50 each). After that, we head to Fenham (thats where we get our Halal meat supplies and all) to get other stuff with only about £2 each in our hands.. Long story short, we got everything we need but we realised that we actually overspent by few pence because we wanted to have apple hahaha. Who would have thought apple could be so expensive? *sigh*.

Anyway, we went back and started prepping and cooking (I decided to just cook my chicken into 2 types of dishes and keep/freeze it for the next 5 days). It was a challenge to spend only £5 that day but the real struggle comes afterwards. Of course we have planned what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner but us being us, we like snacking, I mean who doesn’t? It was really hard to not think about eating when all the foods are in the kitchen calling for you and it’s not like you are fasting that you can’t eat them.

By dinner time, both mel and I were in the kitchen telling each other how we survived the day and how it was so hard.. both of us were like ‘ok, I know how poverty feels now, can I eat already?’ hahaha. so you know where this is going. We failed .. miserably. We didn’t even last a day tsk tsk tsk .. I blamed all the pastas and pizzas that we had the week before. We were used to eating a lot during our trip that it just felt so hard eating less.

So, moral of the story is, always count on your blessings even when you are going through bad times because there will always be other people who are less fortunate than you.

p/s: we told ourselves that we are going to try it again some other time.


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