Italy (Part 2: Pisa)

My previous post on Italy was on why that trip was the best so far. This time, I’m gonna share what we did or the places that we went to. So, our trip started in Pisa > La Spezia > Florence > Venice 😀

Italy was stunning with amazing architecture, great food (of course) and nice people. The nice weather was a blessing as well except for the two day that it rains when we went to Cinque Terre.. oh well, you can’t have it all, right? So, we flew from London Stansted Airport to Pisa International Airport and stayed there for a night because those who have been there said that there is nothing much to see in Pisa really, apart from The Leaning Tower and the other buildings around it. So, you can pretty much see Pisa in one day. So, we did that and stayed in Certe Notti B&B. It’s really near to the airport (you can walk there), and if you really don’t mind walking for few kilometres a day, you can basically go to the town by foot. Owner of the place is a very nice old guy. He told us everything that we need to know from the attractions, places to eat, how to use the public transport and where to get the tickets and we didn’t even have to ask. It was a nice place with a very reasonable price. If you have any plan on staying in Pisa, I would recommend you to try this place 😀

Both the buildings in the pictures above are located at the same place where the leaning tower is: Piazza die Miracoli. After the visit, we went back to our b&b. We had calamari as our dinner snack on our way back.

I think I pretty much summed it all here. I would love to talk about the other places now but I guess it just have to wait and I should continue with my revision. Till next time!


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