‘Woman, I am the cavalry’

I just came back from watching The Fast & Furious 7! Finally after what feels like years of waiting hahaha… Have you all watch it yet? It’s the best! I have always loved the Fast & Furious series since forever and have watched the first until the sixth one few times but this one feels quite special somehow. Maybe firstly because we get to see Paul Walker in the movie when we know he is no longer alive. Next, they put Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in one movie! How cool is that? Of course it had like few ridiculous and illogical scenes such as cars coming out of a plane or where a car can jump from one building to another, but that is why people watch the movie anyway hehe.. and lastly, the part where everyone thought Dominic was dead. It was devastating. I know that Dom won’t die duh~ but it was just so sad plus that’s when they reveal that he was actually married to Letty (hooray). In conclusion, it was a really good movie so if you haven’t watch it yet, go and get your ticket now!


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