Italy (Part 5: Florence)

Hi guys!

It feels like ages since I last wrote on this blog. Anyway, I am back to continue writing about my Italy trip, yeaay 😀 Our next stop after Cinque Terre was Florence, the city where they made finest shawl and cool leather products. The train from Cinque Terre costs us around Euro 12.00.

We stayed at Da Mila B&B, a very cosy and nice place not very far from town (about 15 minutes walk to the main train station). The best thing about this place is that it is very near to one of the best restaurants in Florence (at least from our point of view XD), the San Jacopino. I had their penne with crab and cream sauce. It was yummeyhh!


The thing with  Italian style pasta is, they don’t look so appetising because it’s really simple but please don’t judge a book by it’s cover haha 😀 their pasta is the best!

So, we spent 4 days and 3 nights in Florence and I am going to list down the places we went to and what we did:

  • visited the Fiorentina stadium. Their seats were purple
  • walk around town where you can easily see the Duomo
The Cathedral (IL Duomo)

  • their central market has all sorts of pasta, dried tomatoes, olive oils and different types of mixed herbs to be cooked with your pasta. The prices are also very reasonable.
  • Brunelleschi’s Dome


  • we went to St Trinity bridge where we can see The Ponte Vecchio, a bridge filled with many jewellery shops. People there used to use the river as a dustbin eewwww right.


  • not forgetting, our gelato hunting carried on and we had our most expensive gelato in Florence (around Euro 5.00-6.00). Luckily it tastes good (not the best though). But, I chose a unique flavour:pineapple and my favourite one:mint.
me with the expensive gelato.

  • And yes, I had my best pasta in Florence too. It wasFresh “Garganelli” Pasta with Ragù of Sea Bass Aromatized of Lemon. We had it at Bistro del mare. My second course was swordfish with some sauce (i forgot what sauce). It was good too and the two courses meal only cost me Euro 13.90.



  • we also went crazy over shawls because the material is really good and they have it in many colours! You can see Dona wearing one of the shawl in the picture above.
another church near to the expensive gelato place

I think that is all for now.  Till next time!

the three of us in the train heading to our last stop!


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