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Newcastle Park Run

Hi guys!

Life update: So, Alhamdulilah I am now officially the new Vice President of Newcastle University Malaysian Society for 2015/2016 muahaha 😀 I hope this new responsibility will help me grow into a better person and I really want to do my best for this! Wish me luck!

Anyway, today Mel, Dona and I and few other friends went for a 5KM Park Run at the exhibition park near to our university. It’s a weekly thing where the locals come together to jog/run for free and you can keep track of your timing online because they provide you with a barcode that you scan when you finish the run.


The last kilometre was the hardest one!

It was a really good activity for the weekend and you get to spend more quality times with your friends. Plus, I haven’t jog that far in so long! So, if you guys are staying around Newcastle area or anywhere in the UK and would like to join the park run, you can always go to their website, register and check out their future events.

I guess that is all for now. I am so sleepy right now because we just had awesome pizzas made by Mel XD. I will ask her to share the recipe for homemade pizza here soon!

Teaser: IMG_8657

Till next time!


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