49 Years Old

I might not be the best daughter, but you are absolutely the best dad. I would’t be where I am today if it weren’t because of you. Most of the time, ‘Tahniah’  was not  the first word that comes out of your mouth when we showed our result but I know you mean well. You want us to do our best and that is just your way of showing it.  I always misunderstood you for not caring much for us but as I grew older, I understand that you just don’t know how to express your feelings. Maybe you are not the best dad when it comes to saying I love you or giving present for birthday but I realised that when you do, it was the moments that I treasured the most and I still remember it till now. I still remember your pink Hello Kitty watch you got for me when I was 9. I didn’t even like Hello Kitty but it was the best present ever because I know you are not that good with surprises. For my 20th birthday, you said I love you to me for the first time and said that I am the best daughter. I don’t keep the message with me but I will treasure those words until my last day on earth.

So Abah, today is your 49th birthday. I just wanna say thank you for everything that you have done for mama, kakak, angah, tese and Goma :’D I pray that Allah’s blessings will always be with you. I hope that Allah will reunite us as a family again in Jannah, insyaAllah.



With Love, 

your daughter 🙂


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