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Rohingya Refugees 

Hi guys! Oh it’s been two weeks since I last wrote in this blog. Mainly because it is exam season and I just said goodbye to my Macbook Pro last week. But, Alhamdulillah for wordpress apps, I can still write on my Iphone. 

As you can see from the title, the Rohingya refugees are currently the highlight in social media. To be honest,  I don’t really talk about issues like this but I do try to read and understand what is happening but I usually keep it to myself. 

So, I am not gonna talk about the facts behind the issue such as why it happened or the history behind it as you can easily look for them online. I am just sharing what I feel after reading the things that people said about the issue. 

Firstly, it makes me feel sad that some people are seeing this as an opportunity  to blame the government. Some of them wrote funny comments on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page:teasing how the government was really slow in providing help for the refugees. Some of the comments didn’t even have anything to do with the issue and was quite childish. Yes, I understand that the Malaysian government is not the best government in the whole world and there are lots of problem going on in the country nowadays. But, is that all we can do? Writing ridiculous comments on Facebook?

However, I must say that not everyone is like that. I love seeing how some Malaysians are really passionate and concern about the issue and doing whatever that is in their power to help i.e. raising awareness and help to collect funds for the refugees. We might not have the power to simply change the government’s policies towards the issue or to speak up to the Myanmar government but I believe there are lots of other things that we can do to help. 

  1. Prayer: Regardless of whatever religion you are, let’s pray for the unfortunate people: for their safety, for their health, for their happiness. To my muslim friends, let’s remember that a sincere dua’ is our strongest weapon. 
  2. Donation: Give as much as we can. If we can afford to eat 3-4 times everyday, why can’t we donate some for our brothers and sisters who are in need? You can find below some organisation that you can give your donation to: 

From the UK: 

From Malaysia:


3. Share what you know about the issue on social media. Make sure it is from a reliable source and beneficial for others. Nobody needs your negative comments.

4. If you want to relay your thoughts or give sugestions to the government or any other organisation, feel free to write or reach them in any way that you can. Just make sure that you do it nicely. Don’t waste your time ‘bertikam lidah’ in social media, it does not do you any good nor does it help solve the issue. 

To conclude, let’s throw away the negativities that we have, stop being judgemental and putting the blame on others. Focus on looking for ways to help these people. Yes, our country already have lots of problem and this is one of them but this one involves many innocent lives. Some people are unbelievably ignorant and said things like ‘why should we care when we already have lots of problems in our hands’? Try putting yourself in their shoes. What happened to them was unimaginable to me. 

I am sorry if this post in any way offended anyone but it is just my opinion and I hope it will be a good reminder for myself in the future. 

Thank you for reading and till next time! 🙂


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