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Flying back home

Taking an airplane to go back home is not something new to me. My first ride was when I was 4 and I have been on many flights since then. When I was in high school, I thought being on an airplane won’t be a problem anymore since I am so used to it. 

But after series of unfortunate events in the history of Malaysian aviation, I somehow feel scared whenever I am on a plane plus I had a bad experience when I came back from Venice last spring holiday. Luckily today, when I was on the British Airways flight going to Heathrow, the pilot was really good and the landing was smooth wheww~ 

If there is anything that I learn from that many experiences, I would say to have faith in God (kebergantungan pada Allah). We wouldn’t worry so much if we believe that Allah is there protecting us and that death can come at any time, anywhere. 

Raspberry and White Chocolate Frappe

I am currently waiting to board my 13 hours flight to Malaysia and I’ll be with my family again to welcome Ramadhan and to celebrate Eid. I am looking forward to an enjoyable summer as I have many plans to do! 

If you are also going back for summer, have a safe trip and hope you have a good holiday with friends and family! 

Till next time 😀 


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