The street-side stall

Hi guys! 

I am finally back home in Kota Belud! Oh how i miss the fresh air šŸ˜€ I feel so blessed that I am now back with my family and will spend about 3 months with them. My younger brother is coming back from egypt soon and it will be just perfect! 

As soon as I arrived, I started helping my mom selling Nasi Lemak at the side of the main street near our house. I have always enjoyed selling food during Ramadhan month but this one is not as easy! Selling breakfast food means you have to be at the roadside by 6 in the morning. That means you would have to wake up waaaayyyy earlier to prepare everything because you would aim for those going to work to be your customer. Doing it for only two days was enough to make me feel really exhausted! 

Basically my mum would wake up at 2.30 every morning, cooking and prepping, then be at the stall at 6.00- 10.00 o’clock. Then she would rest for a while. She would start preparing the menu and ingredients for the next day in the evening. She will sleep at 9.00/10.00 p.m and repeat the same routine everyday. Crazy, right! Yes, I’ve always heard that nasi lemak seller always wake up early but after experiencing it myself, I seriously don’t know how they did all that. They are indeed super woman šŸ˜€ 

I am enjoying it now but I’m going to start my internship in two days. So, I only have the weekend to help out with the business. But, i believe it’s good because I don’t have to think of what to do to my summer holiday although I might not have much time to go to other places and meet other people like I did last summer. 

That is all for now. Till next time and enjoy your summer holiday ! 


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