Today is the first day of Ramadhan Alhamdulillah. It is not the same as previous Ramadhan because I am now working/doing my internship. It was tiring because we lived far from Kota Kinabalu where my dad and I are working. We have to go out from the house at 5.30 a.m every morning, basically right after the subuh prayer. 
I am still trying to adapt to this early morning routine. Luckily, subuh was at 2.30 a.m when I was in Newcastle and I usually woke up and study for my exam. So, waking up is not a problem. But staying awake at work definitely is a challenge XD 

I only started helping my mom cooking for ‘sahur’ last Ramadhan. Before that, all I did was wake up at 4 a.m. and I can see all the food prepared on the table, ready to be eaten. Now that I am working, I realised that I am too tired to even perform tarawih after I got back from work, let alone helping out to prepare food at 3 in the morning. My respect goes out to all working mom out there! 

However, I think it is better this way. Being busy makes me appreciate time more than ever. It makes me appreciate Ramadhan even more because time seems to be flying really fast. So, I have to make use every bit of it wisely. As a muslim, it is the best month of the year. Thus, we would want to give our best with hope that we will become a better muslim even after Ramadhan. 
Some of my friends will be fasting for 19 hours in the UK, which I think is not an easy thing to do especially when it is your first time but I hope that Allah will make it easy for them and for everyone else around the world. May Allah accept all our ibadah this year and hope that this Ramadhan will be better than before. 

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
Till next time! 


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