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It’s Final Year!


How are you guys? I’ve been busy settling down for the new semester that I can’t find any time to update on this blog. Anyway, it’s been three weeks since the final year started and phewww ~ time do flies! I have been occupied with Malaysian Society’s endless events and meetings, going to gym and pilates class and most importantly trying to catch up for my weekly reading for all my subjects. It is tiring but definitely more enjoyable because now I have less time to waste and I appreciate time more now that I am busier. I hope that I will do fine in my final year and I don’t want to screw it up. Do pray for me ok?

Actually I wanted to share with you guys an app that will make your life waaaayyy easier especially if you are a student living together with your friends like me or just going for a trip in a group. It’s called SPLITWISE.

splitwise app

Basically it’s an app that helps you managing your group spending and helps you calculate how much do you owe your friends or how much they owe you. All you have to do is enter the number and who you are sharing it with. Tada! You can even link your Paypal account to this app and use that to automatically transfer your money to your friends or receive money from them. So, no more using pen, paper and calculator to count your shared expenses anymore XD. Go download it now!!!

That is all for now, I will come back with more useful things to share (hopefully).


Qien 🙂



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