Movie review

She Was Pretty

I had an exam for my Econometrics subject that worths 25% of my final paper last Tuesday. I don’t wanna comment on that because I don’t think I did my best. All I know is that I am gonna start working hard and preparing for my January exam starting from now on. I mean I have been studying everyday but usually it is to help me answer tutorial questions. Now I only have 8 weeks left including the December break. So wish me luck guys! I need all the prayers I can have. 

On a different note, My housemates and I just finished the Kdrama called ‘She Was Pretty’. If you are looking for a good drama to watch, go and watch this one. IT WAS AWESOME. We cried few times hehe XD. It is your typical Kdrama where 2 rich guys want the same girl but this one is more than that. She Was Pretty highlights the value of true friendship and that you should be confident with yourself.  That being said, watch the drama and you won’t regret it.

That is all for now. Have a lovely week.



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