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Mee Kari

Mee kari is one of my favourite dish. I first learned how to make it during my college days and made it few times with my friend. I made the dish again last Saturday and I think  it was one of the best that I have ever made (I accidentally put more coconut milk XD, which makes it tastes more creamy and of course yummy LOL). My version of mee kari is super simple and I love to eat it with spaghetti rather than the usual wet noodles.


Onion, garlic and ginger blended together.

Curry powder and chilli powder, mixed with water

Coconut milk


Fishballs and fishcakes (or whatever that you want to put)

Pak choi (in Malaysia, we used sawi)

So, firstly you just pour 2 tbsp. of oils into your pot and put together the blended ingredients. Then, pour the mixture of curry and chilli powder into your pot and wait until there is a layer of oil formed on the surface. Next, you put more water (whatever amount of broth that you want to have) and after that your coconut milk . When it starts to boil, put the prawns and leave it for a while. Lastly, put the fishballs, fishcakes and your vegetable inside. Ready to eat!

Don’t forget to prepare your spaghetti beforehand XD







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