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Welcome 2016! 

Hi guys! 

It’s the time of the year again, the New Year’s eve. What are you guys doing on this very last day and who are you celebrating the new year with? For me, I will be with my housemates watching the fireworks at the Quayside and counting down to the last minute together! Whatever it is, I hope everyone will have a good time with your family and loved ones and may 2016 brings more happiness to you 😉 

Anyway, moving on to the mandatory post for the occasion: Highlights of my 2015 and my New Year’s resolutions 😆.

In the past year, I have achieved some things that I aimed for but obviously some has to be carried forward. 

The higlights of my 2015 are:

The trip to Italy where my housemates and I spend a whole week at the land of pasta and cheese and pizza 😂

I watched my first live football match. It was between Arsenal and Newcastle. 

I did my summer internship, which was my first job in my whole life and of course received my first ever official salary. To me, that is some sort of indication that I am now an adult rather than a teenager.

I started wearing make up coz every girl needs to know how to at least put some foundation and lipstick on their face. Lol! Thanks to my housemates for that 🙂 

I managed to read three books (other than textbooks of course) this year! It might be nothing to some people but for me, it is a big achievement. Firstly, because I am a super slow reader. Secondly, all the books were in English. I used to read a lot when I was young but it was all in Malay Language. So, I guess three in a year is a yeay 😉

So, my New Year’s resolutions would be:

1) Read at least 6 books this year. That would mean finishing 1 book in 2 months. Shouldn’t be that hard, right? I have already chosen my books for this year so let’s hope I can do this.

2) Eat healthily. As some of you might have known, I am a very picky eater and I love to eat junk food. Now that I am stepping into the world of adulthood, I realised that I should pay more attention  to what goes into my body because I am not getting younger than before. 

3) Still under the point of health, I vow not to drink carbonated drink anymore unless at a very desperate time but I believe that there is no such thing haha 😂. 

4) I would like to try more recipes this year, preferably something that I never cooked before. Do leave a comment if you have anything delicious for me to try 😉. 

5) I will try to blog more this coming year, in hope that it will benefit more people. 

Of course, I have other things to accomplish this year but I would rather keep it to myself 😌.

All I need is your prayer so that this year, I would be a better Muslim, daughter and student 😊. 

P/s: InsyaAllah I will be graduating from Newcastle Uni this year. Please do pray that I will be able to achieve this and pass with flying colors! 

Lastly, to W, you know who you are. Thank you for being very understanding and patient towards me. LDR was never easy but we overcome every hardship every single time and come together, stronger than ever. I hope there will be no more LDR and that Allah will ease it for both of us in the near future. Amiin. 

To everyone, Happy New Year! Have a good year ahead!! 




2 thoughts on “Welcome 2016! 

  1. Shooo shweet. Nangis. Nice resolutions. Will try my best to help you stick to them, at least for the next 6 months ( can you believe that, you only have 6 months left to see me allday, errday =P)


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