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Night cream: yes or no? 


It’s been a week since my last blog post. I’ve been wanting to write but I just did not have the time to do it. But, I really think I should blog about this before I become lazy and actually forget about it. 

I have been paying more attention to my skin care lately (actually since my 2nd year in uni) because my skin has become more sensitive and dry.This might be due to the reason that the weather in the UK is very different from Malaysia and obviously the way you take care of your skin should be different too. 

All this while, I have never wear a night cream before I go to sleep but I decided to try and make it a routine to wear them. I am very happy with the result because my skin doesn’t feel dry anymore when I wake up in the morning 😀 yeay! 

One of the reason why I never tried wearing them before was because I read somewhere that you should just leave your face free from products while you sleep. But I guess that is only applicable when you already have nice skin and have no problem with them 😂. 

The night cream that I am using is Boots’s Hydrating Night Moisturiser with Aloe Vera from their Simply Sensitive range 😉. It is not scented and feels very nice on the skin. 

I guess that is all from me! I will be sitting for my last paper this Wednesday, so wish me luck! 
Love, Qien! 


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