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Me and Makeup: H&M Eyeliner

Hi! How’s everyone doing? My wordpress account reminded me that I haven’t updated my blog for 24 days haha 😀 . Well, I’ve been busy with the exams and also the preparation for our annual Malaysian Night which will be on the 13th of March that I can’t find the time to write anything. However, I will be sharing about my recent trip to Copanhagen soon, so wait for it!

Today, I will share with you guys about this amazing product that my friends and I discovered from H&M, which is their eyeliner. I’m not sure if they have had this for a long time since I am kinda new to the makeup world but we noticed that the makeup line is improved in terms of packaging and we think that they have more on the makeup section now.

raw umber

I think the eyeliner is very good because it is highly-pigmented and also super easy to apply, like literally effortless. I am currently obsessed with this one particular colour, Raw Umber and I’ve been using it as eyeliner and also sometimes as eye shadow. On top of that, they also have quite a number of eye shadow which I love equally because of the quality but I personally think that the range of colour for the eyeliner is more interesting. Other reason to love this product is that the price is relatively cheap for a very good quality eyeliner.

However, I am not sure if they have this already in other part of the world, like Asia but so far I know that we can easily get it in the UK even though sometimes some colours are not in stock. Since H&M is from Sweden, we were hoping to look for more things from their makeup and skincare line when we were in Copenhagen but it was quite disappointing because we couldn’t find a big store plus we were also rushing since It was just a weekend trip.

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t tried this, go and get yours now!

p/s: This is not a sponsored post LOL

Love, Qien 🙂





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