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Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Last weekend, our Malaysian Society organised a trip to Pleasure Beach, a theme park in Blackpool and it was one of the best trip in my life. Well, I have been to a theme park before but this is the first time that I actually tried almost all the scary rides phew.

We went on a weekend because they are having the weekend offer of 50% for winter where the wristbands only cost £15. Pretty cheap since you can go for almost all the rides. So, we left Newcastle at 7 am and reach the place at 10 am. Since we rent a bus, I am not really sure how to get to this place with train or other public transportation but I guess you can just google it to know more.

After having our breakfast and getting our wristbands, we kept our belongings in a locker. You have to pay for this but you can share a big locker with your friends. It is very convenient as you don’t have to bring your stuff with you and just enjoy the place without having to worry so much.

So, the first ride that we went on was the infusion, one of the famous one here.  This is basically a hanging roller coaster and it was suspended over water. Yes, you heard me right, over water and there are some parts where it will turn and your feet will be in the air. I was just so scared that I didn’t even open my eyes and to the point I wasn’t even screaming. haha. Basically, my reaction was the same for almost all the rides.


Next one was called Avalanche, the only bobsled coaster in the UK. A bobsled roller coaster is the generic name given to any roller coaster that uses a track design that is essentially a “pipe” with the top half removed and has cars that are sent down this pipe in a freewheeling mode. The name derives from the great similarity to the track design used for the bobsleigh winter sport. (Source:Wikipedia)


I thought that this ride will be less scary than the first one because I saw lots of kids went on it. I was wrong.

Next, we get on the bumper car because Aizat and Jang did not want to get on other roller coaster and also who doesn’t love bumper car?

Then, we continued with our thrill rides and lined up for the Big One. As the name suggest, it is the tallest roller coaster in the UK (235 ft above the sea level). It was also the tallest and steepest in the world when it was first opened in 1994. Crazy! The line of people was very long and being in the line and seeing people on the roller coaster made me think few times whether it was the right decision or not to get on.


The Big One is a good ride if you wanna have an overview of the park because the track is pretty long and you can also see the beach/sea from your seat. It was a really nice experience.

Then, we went on this ride that looks like few small planes. Each of it has two small wings attached to it and you can move it to help you spin while the whole thing spins at the same time. We saw that the highest record was 324 spins while none of us spin when we went on it. Not even once. Lol.

Another scary roller coaster (at least it was scary to me) was the revolution. It is a short (a single loop) but super fast one and most importantly it goes backward! When it reached the other end and before it move backward, I was really wishing that I can just stop and get off the ride at that moment.

We then had our lunch inside the theme park: the big and oily fish and chips.


After that, we went on some smaller roller coasters that were meant for kids just for the fun of it and so that I can actually ride something without having to close my eyes hehe.

Lastly, some of us went on The Flying Machine. I didn’t join because I think I have had enough adrenaline rush for the day. But, Mel and Acap still get the courage and get on their final ride, Ice Blast. This is the one that shoots you to the sky with crazy speed.


After a long day, we had a brief walk at the beach nearby and it was really nice because by the time we finished, it was almost sunset time.


We left the place at 5.30 pm and reached home by 8.30 pm.We were very lucky on that day because the weather was really nice. As if it knows that we are going to be outdoor the whole day. It was sunny and the wind was not that strong considering that the place was by the beach.

It was a really nice place to go and if you guys are in the UK, please go! Highly recommended 😌.

That is all for now. Have a good weekend!

Love, Qien.










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