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Top 5 skincare products and makeups that have nice smell.

I know, the tittle is a bit too long but you get the point. I will be sharing my top 5 skincare products and makeups that smell amazing and actually do the job.

First in the list is my all time favourite White Grape Fresh Light Pact powder from Skinfood! I have been wearing this for few years now and I find it hard to change to a different brand ever since. It really smells amazing unlike most compact powder. However, it only comes in 3 shades and all of them are very light so the choices are quite limited.

Secondly is the  Borjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. Apart from the fact that it has a nice smell, it gives my skin a really nice coverage and I really like how it blends really well into the skin. It is quite thick compared to few other foundation that I have tried because as the name suggests, it is a gel foundation and I think that  helps in  giving you the healthy looking skin as it has a glow finish rather than matte.

My third and fourth product are from Soap & Glory. One is their Deep Cleansing Milk with peach extract. I think that explains the smell part. In the UK, I always go for a creamy facial wash rather than the foamy ones because my skin tend to be a bit dry especially during the winter. It really hydrates the skin and it also works as your make up remover. You just have to wear it once a day before you go to sleep and your skin will feel hydrated till the next morning and feels as if you did not wear make up the day before.

Another one from Soap & Glory is their Make Yourself Youthful sunscreen with SPF 50. It is quite liquidy but it is really easy to apply. The only problem that I have with this product is that the bottle is really small for the price that you pay. But, it was listed in the top ten sunscreen product in the UK hence why I decided to give it a try and yes I did not regret it. I know Soap & Glory  can be a bit too pricy sometimes but Boots always have offer of 3 for 2 or buy 1 and get the second product for half price. So, you just have to buy them at the right time.

Lastly is my Wake Me Up Mascara from Rimmel. It has a really fresh smell (yes, it is a bit odd for mascara) but the brush is quite big so I find it quite hard to apply sometimes because I have short and straight eyelashes. However, the nice thing is that it comes in two shades of black which are black and extreme black and also it is clump free when applied.

Apart  from the five products mentioned above, there are few products that made it to my collection because of good reviews and all but were quite disappointing but I shall share about that next time.

So I guess that is all for now. I hope some of you will find this useful XD

Love, Qien.

p/s: this is not a sponsored post 😛



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