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London trip day 1: The interview day

Hi guys! How are you doing? 

I am currently in London for the Malaysian Career Fair and I thought I should write about my trip here. You know, for future reference and in case I wanted to reminisce on it again.

My housemates and I took a night train from Newcastle and arrived around midnight in London. Just in case any of you wonder, the cheapest rate for train from Newcastle to London is Β£10.99 with railcard but you have to book it at least 3 weeks before.

Now back to our main topic, we are in London for the career fair and I had an interview scheduled on the 1st of April at 9.30 a.m. 

For a first real job interview, I would say I did pretty okay but obviously it was not the best interview I have ever done in my life. I really went unprepared. I would say part of it was my fault because I was really contemplating whether to go for the interview or not until the very last minute since I am gonna be bonded with my sponsor anyway. On top of that, I only knew about what documents that I should bring the night before as in when I was in the train πŸ˜‚ because apparently I did not received the email about that. Luckily I asked one of my friend who was called by the same company. If not, I would be walking to the interview empty handed.   But part of me was thinking that I should just go for the experience. I mean, there’s no harm in trying. Plus, I was already in London. So, that is why in the end I still made it to the interview.

The interview took place at Cimb London branch in Knightsbridge. I arrived at 9.00 a.m but I spend what felt like the shortest  10 minutes in my life thinking and panicking outside their office. I was actually scared to go in. Huhu. Then I step in and there was a nice lady who greeted me. I guess I was the first person to be interviewed that morning because I did not see anyone else and it was a one to one interview.

The interviewer was one of the director of the Human Resource department and he was really nice. Alhamdulillah for that. At least, I can comfortably talk despite the fact that I was having a panic attack a moment ago. The questions asked were really engaging and I would say it was a pretty good experience. 

Most of the questions were based on what’s written on my cv, regarding my previous internship experience and my extra curricular activities. About 20% of the questions on the other hand were about my background, to test my knowledge about the company and also about current issues. It took about 20-25 minutes. It could be less but it just felt so long πŸ˜‚. 

Anyway, Alhamdulillah I went for the interview and get to learn from it. 

Then, me, mamal, dona, memel and mun went for a late lunch at Stax πŸ₯. The place is famous for their chicken and waffle but I personally think that their burgers are their best products. Price-wise, it is okay but really depends on what you eat. But the restaurant is really small and we actually waited for one and half hour before we could get a table.


I guess that is all for now. Hope you guys enjoy reading my really long and hopefully useful post πŸ˜‚. 

Love, Qien 😘


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