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London trip day 2: Playing tourist in the big city

Day 2 was more of a free and easy day or in our term, food hunting with a bit of sight seeing šŸ˜€

In the morning, we went to get the famous macaron ice cream sandwiches, YOLKIN .

It is actually a pop up shop and they moved from one place to another according to their website. So, you should always check their location first before anything else and bear in mind that these precious sandwiches will only be sold during weekend from 12 until its all finished.

So we went there and arrived around 11.50 and the queue outside the shop was already super long. But I must say it was really worth it. I had them in cookies and green tea flavour and it was nothing but amazing. The green tea flavour in the cream was rich and creamy and it was not too sweet. The sweetness of the macaron made it a really nice combination. So, if  you have never tried this before, maybe it is something that you would wanna try when you go to London.

Next we head to Japan Centre just around the corner from where we had our Yolkin.

This place reminded me of IKEA where they sell all sorts of things and have a cafeteria inside except that this place is smaller and their products were mostly food and books. Amal originally brought us to the place to get some snack but we had our lunch instead since it was already lunch time and Japanese food is nice too.

You can choose the food like udon set or rice set but you can also make your own Donburi, a rice bowl dish. It is like nasi campur in Malaysia where you get the rice and choose other dish that goes with it.I had the egg fried rice with prawn tempura, white fish cutlet and grilled salmon. It was simple but really nice and I would say that the price is pretty reasonable.I also get to try their prawn gyoza.

After lunch, we went to Victoria and Albert Museum, the museum of art and design. Before going in, we first performed our Zuhur prayer at the Natural History Museum which is just next to the V&A. I guess these museums are also a must visit if you are in London if this is something that you enjoy doing.

 The V&A showcased their collection according to places; England, Asia, Middle East and many others. The museum itself is really beautiful to look at.


One of the exhibition last weekend was on the clothing in England since the 16th century.  

Raincoat has always been a thing for the British people due to the unpredictable weather. 

Their swimsuit last time was made from cotton. It was not meant for swimming but just to make you look nice at the beach šŸ˜‚

Look at how small their feet was back then šŸ˜…. 

Most museums closes at 5 so we head to Oxford Street next because some of our guy friends wanted to go to Primark to get clothes for their interview and Mel wanted to see her friend, Naim. We also did some shopping at Zara (because they  were having sales) and H&M (because we wanted to see their makeup range as not all H&M stores in the UK carry the makeup range). We performed our Asar and Maghrib prayer in Selfridges (they have a really nice prayer room) afterwards and met Naim and Aizat.

It was a really long day and we decided to have dinner at home while watching the latest episode of Descendants Of The Sun. We called it our very own version of Korean Night because we had ramen that we brought all the way from Newcastle. It was a nice feeling hanging out with your girl friends after a whole day being outside of the house.

I will continue with the story from the other days sometime soon.

Love, Qien šŸ™‚




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