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Makeup look: Blue Eyeshadow ❤️

I think my makeup look deserved a post in my blog today because it took longer than usual to do 😂. #newbiealert Deciding on colour combination for eyes is apparently not easy plus I don’t usually use blue on my eyes but I did. So there you go: 

My eyeliner as you can see was a mess because I actually forgot to put them on before I wore my tudung. So I was just like , whatever 🙄. 

On a different note, I am writing this on my phone on my way to the library and it is a very sunny day in Newcastle!!! I’m hearing birds chirping all the way. They are happy too I guess. 

I hope all of you will have a lovely day as well. 

Love, Qien 🙂

Products used:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation (shade 55)

Silky Girl Compact Powder (beige)

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette 

Rimmel Accelerator Mascara

H&M Liquid Eyeliner 

Rimmel Brow Kit

Kiko Smart Shade Lipstick (926)


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