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My MALSOC Journey

Yesterday marked the end of my journey as one of the MALSOC committee member. I think you would realize from some of my post that most of the time in uni, when I am not studying, I will be doing something that is MALSOC-related. Be it the preparation for Malaysian Night, a meeting or going on a trip. You see, MALSOC has been one of the biggest part of my uni life. Of course, it was fun being in the committee, organizing event and everything but it also comes with huge responsibilities. Why do even I bother putting this in my blog? It’s just another society at the end of the day. But this one, means a lot to me. I would like to come back to my blog one day and be able to remember the good times I had when I was part of it. Most importantly, I would like to remember the thing that has change me for the better.

Coming to uni in my first year, I actually have no expectation. All I know is I wanted to start fresh, get to know new people. During freshers or orientation week, I did not even sign up to be one of MALSOC member. Well, I sort of had this deal with Mel where she will join the Malysian Society while I join Islamic Society, see what event they have throughout the year and we will just update each other and maybe go to some of the events.

However, God’s plan is better than what you know. Around November, the Malaysian Night committee were busy looking for actors and talents to perform for the annual North East Malaysian Night (NEMN). Mel, who had the passion in dancing, wanted to join and so I joined her for the audition with the intention of accompanying her. And then the committee member at that time, Adnan suggested that I try to do the audition as well. I thought to myself ‘why not’? I have always loved performing anyway. So, went for the audition and I got the role Kak Minah.

After joining the Malaysian Night, I became close to the production team and I find myself looking forward to every practice. It’s because I get to see familiar faces after a long day at school because we will practice almost every night for the play.

At the end of semester two, the Annual General Meeting for Malaysian Society was scheduled to take place. So, they opened the nomination for all the positions in the society. I thought it would be a good chance to be more involved with the society, by becoming one of the committee members.

As a first year student, I would naturally try to aim for a smaller position like the directors position (this is what we call the other committee members apart from the President, Secretary and also the Treasurer). However, I found that I don’t have enough set of skills to hold any of the director position. Among the positions available were media, arts and cultural and also external relation. Heck, I am not gonna do any of that because firstly, I have no artistic nor creative side to me at all apart for the fact that I can sing. External relation or marketing? Nay~ come on, let’s be realistic here. I barely speak in English when I first came and those positions surely will require a good communication skills.

But, there is one position that I think suits me and will fit into my profile as an Economics student, the Treasury position hahaha. Yes, it was ironic. I was hoping for a minor role but I end up aiming to get a position in the top four of the organisation. That was really ambitious of me at that moment.

So, I went and nominate myself to run for the post without knowing what comes with it. Apparently, after nomination, candidates will have to go through an interview by the current committee and also will have to speak in front of the members during the AGM. Not cool at all! Yes, I did some public speaking at school and I have experienced leading a team before. But, not in the UK, not in a society that I barely know the members. I was afraid of what would they think of me. 

During the interview, Adnan, the current president asked me whether or not I want to become a secretary instead of treasurer? They said that I will be a suitable candidate, judging from the way I  fill up my nomination form. Now that I think of it, Maybe MK was right, I do tend to write very formally. Maybe that is why. 

Anyway, I was really scared and worried about my speech. Adnan volunteered himself to help out with the speech and Alyssa, Jack and I practiced our speech in front of him and he will ask question that might be asked by the members. Wanna know something? I cried during the practice session. I was afraid that I would not be able to deliver my speech well. 

I prepared a text and tried to memorise it. That was how I managed to get through my very first MALSOC AGM.Throughout my time as a committee member, I was mostly involved with the production in Malaysian Night. 

Being one of the committee member, one of my biggest achievement thus far is being able to talk in front of a large group without having to worry so much and for that, I am very proud with myself 🙂 

To me, MALSOC is a platform for people to give and learn. I definitely learnt a lot throughout the 2 years in the society. I made new friends from different backgrounds, out of my comfort zone and also deal with people with different personalities. Plus, I am now a more confident speaker. 

What I shared here is just bits and pieces of my journey but there are definitely a lot more to it. All in all, it has been a great 2 years with MALSOC and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Love, Qien


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