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A short getaway before the exam 

I am currently in the train from London to Newcastle. Now that I am graduating soon, everything started to feel nostalgic to me. Will this be my last train trip? Will this be the last time I get to be in London etc. That is why I get emotional and feel the need to write in my blog although I have no idea on what to write at this point of time. 

Anyway, I was in London because my pacik wan and auntie Linggar were here for their long overdue honeymoon hehe. Kidding! My uncle used to work in Doha before. So he likes travelling and he has been planning to come to the UK ever since I first came here to study 🙂

I think I’ve told you guys before that I did not come from a very wealthy family but he proved that you don’t have to be rich to be able to come here (because a trip to Europe from Malaysia costs a lot!). As long as you have the desire, you can do whatever you want. They landed in Paris and spent two days there before coming to London. So, I was the tour guide for when they were here and it was the best trip ever because I get to share the excitement of being here with two people that are as close as they can get to my parents. 

However, I actually felt a bit sad when they came because I really wish that my parents can come too. They won’t be able to come for my graduation because of some issues back home. If I knew that those  problem will happen, I would have bring them here earlier. But, Allah is the  greatest planner among all. I know my parents believe in that too. 

Maybe one day when the time is right, they might get the chance 😊. InsyaAllah 
Love, Qien 


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