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Prague Day 3: The worst dining experience ever. 

I know I haven’t wrote anything about our summer trip but today, I’m gonna start with our third and final day in Prague because we just had the worst experience ever in a restaurant. 

In the morning, we moved to another Airbnb because we actually extended our stay in Prague. We were scheduled to go to Budapest today but something happened yesterday and we are staying for another night. I will share about this in another post. In short, Dona lost her passport. So, we had a long day today. 

For break fast/dinner, Chloe wanted to try some traditional Czech food. So we decided to go to one of the restaurants in town. From the moment we decided to dine at the restaurant, we knew something doesn’t feel right. 

We asked for a table of four and the waiter, without a smile on his face, just pointed to two of the tables and didn’t even helped us to combine the table. The manager also was giving us ‘the look’ as if we don’t have the money to pay. 

Then, we ordered the food. Chloe had roasted duck, Mel had fried cheese while I myself had Salmon with herb and butter. According to the owner of our first Airbnb, Czech people eat lots of meat. So, roasted duck was worth the price but it was not extraordinary or anything. 

I paid around £8 for my food and it was literally just a piece of medium size salmon with some butter sauce and 2 cherry tomatoes and some micro salad. Sadly, I did not take picture of the food. It was super disappointing. It didn’t even have some potatoes to eat with. How stingy. 

Mel had almost the same sides with me and 2 fried cheese that looks like hashbrowns. No carbs, no nothing. 

But that was not the worst part yet. Unlike the UK, restaurants here doesn’t serve tap water although they do drink it at home. So, we have to order some mineral waters. 

You can see from the picture that the water is only 330 ml and it costs us 115 czech koruna each, which is equivalent to £3.33 or RM19.69. Freaking expensive because we can get a big bottle of 2 litres for 45 czech koruna from the supermarket. We only realised that mineral water is expensive after we placed the order. So we wanted to change it to coke instead because it was cheaper but the waiter told us that he had already keyed in the price. Weird.

The worst thing happened when we were about to pay. 

This was the receipt from the restaurant. The thing I circled was the price for 2 small pieces of bread that we didn’t even order. 

We thought it was complementary and free. So, of course we ate it. When we aksed why are we charged, one of the waiter who can speak English insisted that the bread’s price was written on the menu and that we should have realised it. That was just a stupid excuse to get more money from us because they never explained about the bread to us.  They can’t expect everyone to automatically understand that the bread is not free when they served it without any order placed, right?! 

On top of that, we were told to pay 1700 czech koruna instead of 1525 czech koruna that was written on the receipt. The waiter said that it was the service charge when in fact, it was just a tip and it was not compulsory. So, we argued about that because shops should write whatever service charge on the receipt and tips was not compulsory and no one actually asked for tips. It’s up to the person paying. Besides, their service was not that good so of course we didn’t feel like giving tips. Duhh ~~~ 🙄

Anyway, I guess that is it. I’m not saying that all restaurants in czech gave shitty services. But, I would say it is better to always pay attention to small details like menus and everything and always check what are we paying for because sometimes, just because you are a tourist and a student, they tend to take advantage of you. Plus, czech people don’t really speak english. It wasn’t average level, it was bad. But, I guess, I will comment more about this later. 

It was a really bad experience because Prague is such a nice city and living costs is not very expensive here. But that one restaurant scarred the image of the place. 

 Until then, goodbye and good night! 

Love, Qien 😌


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