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Prague Day 2: Stolen Money and Lost Passport

Day 2, we decided to just walk around town since most of the attractions are quite centralised and walkable. We started our journey after zohor prayer because it was easier and also we slept quite late the night before because we waited for subuh first. So, today we walked for about 4 hours non-stop. 

The first tourist attraction was The Powder Tower, which acts as gate that separates the new and old town. It was inspired by the design of the towers on the famous Charles Bridge. 

Next, we went to the old town square and get to see the astronomical clock. Of course I don’t even understand how it works except for the fact that it has a cicle with zodiac signs. 

Old Town Square filled with all sorts of people from all over the world. 

Then, we continued walking to the riverside where we get to see the Charles Bridge. It was the the most important way connecting the Prague Castle and the Old Town. 

The tower at the end of the bridge. After that, we walked along the riverside towards the Dancing House. 

It was a unique building and there is a cafe on the rooftop where you can see the view of the city. 

After seeing all the attractions, we decided to go to one of their supermarkets to check out their local products. We always do that so that we get to experience the life of the locals. We bought a whole basket filled with some big bottled drinks, wafers, croissant, mineral waters and chocolates and it only costs us around £6, which is super cheap! 

After the grocery shopping, we wanted to go to Sephora and also H&M. Then, Dona went to the toilet inside Debenhams on her own. She met us inside H&M and she wanted to get an eyeliner. When she was about to pay, she realised that her pouch that has her czech koruna was not inside her backpack. She thought she might have left it at the toilet because she needed coins to enter the toilet. 

So she went back to Debenhams and it was nowhere to be found. At that moment, she was pretty sure that her passport was not in the pouch so we decided to go back to our airbnb to confirm. 

We searched the whole house and we couldn’t find the passport anywhere. Of course we were already panicking as we were scheduled to leave for Budapest the next day and Dona is gonna need the passport to travel. 

It was around 8 p.m. when we finished searching. Dona called the securities at Debenhams but they asked her to come to the store. Luckily it was just 10 minutes away from where we stay. So, Dona and Chloe went back to the store while Mel and I looked for infromation on what to do. We looked for the Malaysian embassy and the nearest police station to lodge a report. 

No one passed the passport to the security in Debenhams so after Dona and Chloe came from there, we head to the police station, which was about 8 minutes walk from our place. 

We arrived only to know that the police officers there cannot speak English. They understand it but they were not in the best position to help as well. So they gave us the direction to go to the state police station where the officers speak other foreign languages. And that was my first official visit to the police station and it was in Prague 😂. 

However, there was nothing much that we can do since it was Saturday and we have to wait till Monday to settle everything at the embassy. 

After dinner, we looked for another airbnb to stay for another night and reschedule our bus to Budapest to Monday instead. Oh ya, if any of you readers are looking for a good bus service from Prague or anywhere around Europe (although I never see it around the UK) , try The Student Agency. They offers a reasonable price ticket with awesome service. It is free to reschedule the bus tickets for as many times as you want as long as you do it before the last hour before the trip and you can just do it online. Every seats has it’s own screen like the one you get in plane and lots of movies installed. They also served free hot drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate throughout the journey. How convenient is that! 

Back to the passport story, on Sunday we moved to the new airbnb and spent the day looking for a photo shops to take passport photos for Dona and printed out all the documents needed. It was stated on the website that passport photos with blue background are required for malaysian passport so we looked  for shops that has that and we only found one after hours of searching. We tried texting the person from the embassy if it was okay to have a white background for the photos but she only responded at 3 a.m. that morning after we were done with everything 😅. 

One important thing that we all learnt from this experience was to always be prepared with important documents like copies of ID card, passport, passport photos and other things that might be relevant in case you lose your passport. Luckily for Dona, she had all the documents inside her email. 

After it was confirmed that the embassy can only issue a temporary travel document, Dona bought a flight ticket to London for Monday to get her passport done there while the three of us will continue the journey to Budapest on the same day. 

I guess that is all for now. You can continue reading about what happened after the long day of searching at my previous post. 

Love, Qien 🙂


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