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Kembara di bumi sendiri: Semporna (Part 1)

It was a weekend well spent with my 2 cousins and my aunt. Exploring the beauty of our country while bonding because we haven’t met for a year. 

We decided to go to Semporna because to me, everyone needs to go there at least once in their life. It’s where Sipadan, one of the top diving destinations in the world is located. Although we didn’t actually go there, nearby islands are as good. 

My cousin, Aimi, found a cheap Air Asia ticket from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau (nearest airport) for RM118 (return). Plus, Aimi and Izyan are currently waiting for their graduation. So, it was the perfect time to go for a vacation 😍. 

We arrived at Tawau around 4.30 pm on Friday and straight away took a cab to Semporna, 83 km away from the airport. 

We booked a room at Atine Backpackers Hostel for the four of us and when we arrived, something really weird happened 😅.  

The worker who opened the door for us looked a bit startled. We told him we have booked a room in which he responded with ‘ehm, but my boss said not to accept any Malay customer’. We were in utter disbelief because it was not mentioned anywhere on their website that they are not accepting Malay customers. 

After the worker talked to the owner, he said ‘okay, you can come up now’. He was also unsure of the situation as he was just following orders. He apologised for the situation but he still insisted that the owner never actually allowed any Malay customer to stay at the hostel. 

Then, we went out for dinner at nearby restaurant. If you think KK offers fresh seafood, then please go to Semporna 😂. The fishes, crabs and lobsters were kept in aquarium and only caught right after you placed your order. The best part is, its super cheap! The four of us ordered crabs, prawns, squids, a plate of vegetables and drink for each of us and we only paid RM84.00 in total 😎.  

After dinner, we went back to our hostel and saw that the owner is there. We asked her about the situation that evening. She explained that she doesn’t like malay customers because lots of unmarried couple will go to the hostel and do immoral things and she doesn’t like that. Apparently some people does not understand that they will be sharing the room with other people when they decided to stay at a hostel or they understand the concept but they just don’t care about other people’s perception. 

Anyway, she told us that she accepted our booking because we came in a group of four girls. 

We initially thought that the owner were being racist but actually it was because of some people’s behaviour that she acted that way and we were really embarrassed by that. Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. 

I’ll share about the trip to the islands in my next blog post. 

Love, Qien 😘


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