Best Cousin Award

Hello people!

We are almost at the end of October and it will be new year all of  a sudden. I don’t know how did the 10 months passed by so fast. At the start of the year, I was still in the UK, worrying about exams and all.

Anyway, October and November in Malaysia are always associated with the convocation ceremony by public universities. In fact, this year has been very significant for my big family because there are 6 of us (5 cousins and myself) graduating this year.

This post is specially dedicated to my dearest cousin, Izyan Hafizah Samin who will be receiving her scroll this Sunday from UTM. She is currently working at an architecture firm in Kota Kinabalu.

I can vouch for her that her journey to get the scroll was not an easy one. We go way back, since we were babies. Because we were born in the same year, naturally we became close to each other although we didn’t meet up very often. Whenever we had a chance to meet, we will exchange stories, share things and we even eat on the same plate. We have different personalities but we get along very well despite all that. That’s how close we are. She is like the twin that I never had.

After UPSR, both of us were offered to continue our study in SM Agama Persekutuan Labu, Negeri Sembilan. We were very delighted with the news. I mean, this is what we have been waiting for, right? Going to the same school and be with the same circle of friends and all. We even got into the same class for three years. Unfortunately, it didn’t turned out the way we thought it would be. We fought and misunderstood each other. We have never fought before yet when we were in the same school, we just felt like something is not right. We couldn’t get along very well and it was very devastating.

After PMR, she decided to go to a vocational school because she wanted to do something else. She wants to study architecture and SMAP did not offer those courses. To some people, it would have been fine but not to my uncle, her dad. He felt that it would be such a waste if she were to leave the school. Yes, my school is good but it cannot be the perfect school for everyone, isn’t it? Plus, we got into the school  under the scholarship of Yayasan Sabah. Leaving would mean that she is not entitled for it anymore. So, yeah it was a hard decision at the moment. Being opposed by your own dad and all. But this girl knows what she wants and luckily for her, that her mom was on her side. She opted out from SMAP and applied for the vocational school in KL where she studied for 2 years.

She didn’t do very well for her SPM and it just makes her dad really angry. He was sort of saying to her that it would have been better if she stayed in SMAP and that her decision was a wrong one. I was at her place when the results were announced and I remember feeling really sad seeing her being scolded (Asian parents).

But all of that was in the past and now, she has proven to everyone that you can be anything you want if you work for it.

So, CONGRATULATIONS cousin on your degree. It was literally with sweat and tears that you came to this day and I am beyond proud for you.

Thank you for being the best cousin, a good friend, an awesome adviser, travel partner, personal MUA during raya and I hope this will last forever ๐Ÿ˜€


Love, Qien



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