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The Rack Boutique Cafe

Indah khabar dari rupa? I know I sound so mean here but I can’t help it. That was my first impression when I had dinner at The Rack Boutique Cafe in One Selayang last weekend. Wan and I decided to go there to celebrate his success in getting 2 medals for basketball and handball in UIA sports event (I am not sure what is it called).

So yeah, we have been seeing people sharing about this place in Instagram and Facebook. They serve Western food and what makes them different is that it is served in a big tray. You can just google them and you will know.

Price wise, I think it is reasonable. However, I just think they don’t pay much attention to the taste of their foods, which I find weird because they only serve few types of food. Yet, they didn’t bother to actually make it taste awesome. It was just average.

We ordered small combo tray for 2 people. If you are a small portion eater, maybe you can share it with 2 other people. The tray has 4 dishes in it: Spaghetti Bolognese, Cheesy Meatballs, Chicken Chop and also French Fries. Best dish among four goes to the French Fries unfortunately because the rest were either too salty, too sour or just not very nice.

I know it’s not good talking bad about food but I know I have tasted better and I don’t think sharing my opinion is wrong. To be fair, it was edible. We actually managed to eat almost all of them because we were freakin hungry and it costs us a lot of money.

On top of that, it was hard to find a place to sit because lots of people go there and sadly they dont have a system to make sure that those who came first will be the first one to be served.

Oh, but they have dim sum in their menu that we ordered beside the combo tray and surprisingly it tasted good and was in quite a big portion. It’s weird that they have it among their Western style menu but who cares, as long it tastes good, right? 

So, I guess that is all for today’s entry. See you all next time.

Love, Qien 🙂


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