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Finally, the long-awaited call

I have been keeping my job a secret from everyone but people close to me because of few reasons. But, I guess that is no longer the case. After graduation, I spent some time at home to be with my family in Sabah and helped my mum out with her stall (she now runs a school canteen hehe).

After Raya Haji celebration, I came to KL  with the intention of looking for jobs while waiting for the interview from my sponsor. Why KL though? Well, it’s because it feels natural to be here since I spent more than half of my life not in Sabah. Besides, my dad encouraged me to find a job here in KL because of the vast opportunities.

Long story short, I decided to work as a kindergarten teacher at my friend’s mum’s place at Kota Damansara because teaching have been something that I enjoy doing since forever if that makes sense. Not to say that I am super smart or anything. you don’t have to be all that to teach people. As long as you have the passion, that is enough to me. So, I took up a job as one of the teacher and also gave tuition classes for Tinod’s sisters.

I then received the interview call from PETRONAS sometime in October. If anyone is interested in knowing how was the interview like, you can always google it because I am too lazy to share it here plus it was pretty standard. However, I am not saying that it was a very pleasant experience as well. I was actually not very confident during my individual interview session with the officers but I guess it was conducted in such  way to make you feel pressured because they would like to see how you handle it or that is just me trying to calm myself down afterwards because I honestly thought I screwed it so badly.

Few weeks passed by and I was still not hearing any response from PETRONAS and at the same time, I was already applying for other jobs through JobStreet, you know, as backup plan, in case I didn’t pass the interview with PETRONAS (bear in mind that I would need to pay some amount from my scholarship if I didn’t make it – note to future PETRONAS scholars).

Mid November, I received another call for interview from AIG Shared Services. It was for the position as FNOL adjuster. So, I went for the interview, got and accepted their offer and I am currently an AIG employee. I must say it is an interesting job. The working hour is from 2 – 11 pm everyday because we are serving the clients from South Africa. We basically receive emails, faxes or calls from clients and register their claim and then passed it to an adjuster who would then assess the claim and make the payment.

I really enjoy my time here maybe because it is my first official job that gave me my first official salary so it was a whole new experience for me. Besides, I really like the working environment, the office and of course all the friends I made here. They are super friendly and welcoming and also very helpful. They would calmly answer all my questions and confusions no matter how simple it was and I am thankful for that.

Of course, started working made me realize that I am officially an adult with responsibilities now. This was not just me but all my friends talked about the same thing too. Of course, anyone that go through this phase would say ‘how I wish I could just go back to studying’ haha 😀

This job has taught me a lot although it is only my third month here but sadly, I will be leaving in a month time because I finally got the offer from PETRONAS. Alhamdulillah for that but of course I will miss this place as well. All these has taught me to be more grateful to Allah more than ever because despite not being a very good servant, HE is still blessing me with all these and I have no words to express it. I only hope that all these blessings will make me a better person insyaAllah.

For those graduating or looking for job, don’t give up. The first few months after graduation will be tough but you will get through it. Don’t be picky and grab whatever opportunity you have.

I guess that is all for now. Will share more later.

Love, Qien 🙂



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